Update News:

NPI just completed the construction of a 1800 sq meter GMP
manufacturing facility (US-Kelly Pharma) in Zhengzhou, China.
NPI-BC-4-1, a potent topoisomerase I inhibitor and cell
differentiation inducer, was isolated and identified as a potential
anti-cancer agent for prostate and brain tumors.
Recently, NPI obtained one additional natural remedy (kazoom: liver
protection ) approved by China FDA.
Recent work on the development of an herbal suppressor of alcohol
drinking resulted in the discovery of NPI-031G as a potential anti-
craving agent for the treatment of alcoholism, a major social and
health problem in the U.S. and around the world.
Natural Pharmacia International, Inc.
Natural Pharmacia International, Inc.

NPI is a high-tech drug discovery and development company located in
Burlington, Massachusetts. In the past 15 years, NPI has established
strong collaborations with several prominent universities and research
institutions in the United States and in China and has successfully
produced several drug candidates by screening medicinal plants used in
China for millennia.